KARO was founded in Izmir in 2013 with the aim of manufacturing small format wall tiles and mosaics.

Karo Metro Ceramic has moved to its new factory in Bozuyuk Organized Industrial Zone in 2018 to expand the production capacity and manufacture different kinds of small size wall ceramics. Being the only factory specializing in “Small Format Ceramic” production in Turkey, with an expert and competent team and meticulous quality standards, we export 100% of our products.

Karo Mosaics and Ceramics, the first and only company producing decorative aluminium mosaics and borders in Turkey, recently expand the range by adding porcelain mosaics. Karo Mosaic exports its entire product line. In order to present our clients with our top quality products in the shortest time possible, our expert team oversees all processes of production from quality control to the completion of delivery.

Key countries we export to include the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia, Israel and Scandinavia.